7 Best Luxury Hotels in Como, Italy 2023 (5 Star)

7 Best Luxury Hotels in Como

Which luxury hotels in Como, Italy would you like to stay in?

For those seeking the best luxury hotels in Como, Italy, options abound. The Hilton Lake Como, Villa d’Este, VISTA Palazzo Lago di Como, Palace Hotel, Hotel Villa Flori, Hotel Barchetta Excelsior, and Albergo Terminus stand out for their opulence and acclaim.

Each hotel caters to distinct desires: Hilton Lake Como promises innovative design, Villa d’Este boasts historic grandeur, VISTA offers city-center opulence, Palace Hotel revels in art nouveau charm, Villa Flori impresses with award-winning luxury, Barchetta Excelsior provides contemporary elegance, and Albergo Terminus emanates historic splendor. Each ensures unmatched views, dining experiences, and top-tier service.

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7 Best Luxury Hotels in Como: Price and Rating Comparison

Note: Data were collected from Google Travel in June 2024

Best For Lake Views

1. Hilton Lake Como

4.6 out of 5.0 stars

⚑ Via Borgo Vico, 241, 22100 Como CO

Hilton Lake Como, an exquisite hotel nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Como.

The Hilton Lake Como, an epitome of luxury, boasts an innovative design with 170 spacious guest rooms, each offering a unique view of the lake. This prestigious hotel has been recognized with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years, a testament to its exceptional service and quality. Guests can indulge in the personalized services of the spa center, unwind in the rooftop infinity pool, or enjoy a drink at the sky bar, which offers a unique vantage point of the lake. The Hilton Lake Como is not just a hotel, but a luxurious experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Why should you stay at Hilton Lake Como?

Hilton Lake Como offers spacious rooms with comfortable amenities such as a king-sized bed and a bathtub. The attentive staff is always ready to assist with any issues, including luggage concerns. The hotel’s elevated location provides breathtaking views from the balconies. The rooms are well-stocked with a variety of amenities, including a mini-bar and an array of toiletries. Its proximity to the city center and attractions makes it a convenient choice for travelers. The hotel also offers a delightful breakfast with a range of options, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Nearby Luxury Destinations

  • Villa Olmo – 594 m
  • Como Cathedral – 2.7 km
  • Tempio Voltiano – 1.5 km
  • Funicolare Como – 9.3 km

Best For Lakeside Luxury

2. Villa d’Este

4.9 out of 5.0 stars

⚑ Via Regina, 40, 22012 Cernobbio CO

Villa d'Este, a renowned hotel located in Como, Italy, offering breathtaking views of its surroundings.

Villa d’Este, a luxe lakeside hotel, is a 16th-century marvel nestled amidst 25 acres of enchanting park. This prestigious destination, renowned for its luxury, has been recognized with numerous awards, further enhancing its appeal to discerning travelers. The hotel boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant, La Veranda, offering an exquisite fine dining experience. In addition to its culinary delights, Villa d’Este also provides a range of high-end amenities including a golf course and a spa, ensuring a stay of unparalleled luxury and relaxation.

Why should you stay at Villa d’Este?

Villa d’Este, a historic hotel dating back to 1568, offers a luxurious experience with its grand interiors and remarkable art collections. Set within a 25-acre park, the hotel features magnificent gardens, terraces, statues, and a mosaic-adorned garden, providing a serene environment. Its lakefront location offers stunning views of Lake Como, creating an unforgettable backdrop. Dining at the hotel’s main restaurant, Veranda, allows guests to indulge in Italian and international cuisine while enjoying panoramic lake views. The hotel is known for its friendly, professional, and genuine service, provided by a long-serving and dedicated staff. Amenities include a floating swimming pool on the lake, a well-equipped spa, and extensive sporting facilities. The extensive gardens showcase a harmonious blend of baroque, renaissance, and romantic styles, offering a botanical haven with scents and colors that vary with the seasons.

Nearby Luxury Destinations

  • Villa Erba – 1.1 km
  • Villa Olmo – 3 km
  • Como Cathedral – 6.3 km
  • Volta Temple (Tempio Voltiano) – 5.1 km

Best For Luxury Lakeside Stay

3. VISTA Palazzo Lago di Como 5 Star Hotel

4.4 out of 5.0 stars

⚑ Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 24, 22100 Como CO

VISTA Palazzo Lago di Como 5 Star Hotel, an exclusive retreat situated on the shores of Lake Como in Italy.

VISTA Palazzo Lago di Como is a 5-star luxury hotel nestled in Como’s historic city center, the only one of its kind in the area. The hotel boasts 18 stylish rooms and suites, all offering breathtaking lake views, epitomizing the essence of opulence and comfort. The hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Ristorante Sottovoce Lago di Como, provides a unique dining experience with its rooftop location, allowing guests to savor exquisite cuisine while overlooking the stunning panorama. Adding to the luxurious offerings, the hotel also provides seaplane tours, offering guests an unparalleled opportunity to explore the beauty of Como from a unique perspective.

Why should you stay at VISTA Palazzo Lago di Como 5 Star Hotel?

VISTA Palazzo Lago di Como 5 Star Hotel offers a warm welcome with friendly, professional staff ensuring a smooth check-in and personalized service. The hotel’s interiors and rooms are beautifully designed with attention to detail, creating a sense of elegance and modernity. Guests upgraded to a junior suite enjoy spacious, tastefully decorated rooms with marble-adorned bathrooms. The hotel’s restaurant offers a delicious breakfast buffet of pastries, cold cuts, cheeses, and hot dishes. Celebratory guests receive welcome gifts and personalized notes, adding a thoughtful touch to their stay. The hotel’s location provides breathtaking views of Lake Como. The staff goes above and beyond to assist guests with various requests, from dinner reservations to organizing boat rides and providing local recommendations.

Nearby Luxury Destinations

  • Villa Olmo – 2.2 km
  • Como Cathedral – 831 m
  • Funicolare Como – 8.5 km
  • Tempio Voltiano. – 790 m

Best For Lake Como Views

4. Palace Hotel

4.3 out of 5.0 stars

⚑ Lungo Lario Trieste, 16, 22100 Como CO

Palace Hotel, a prestigious accommodation located in the heart of Como, Italy.

The Palace Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel in San Francisco, is a posh art nouveau palace with 94 rooms. It is strategically located in beautifully landscaped gardens on the shore of Lake Como, providing breathtaking lake views. The hotel offers formal dining with panoramic views of the lake, enhancing the luxurious dining experience. The Garden Bar Ceccato, one of the hotel’s excellent restaurants, also offers stunning lake views, adding to the overall opulence of the hotel.

Why should you stay at Palace Hotel?

Palace Hotel is renowned for its warm and personalized service, with staff members like Daniele, Daniela, and Michela providing a welcoming and respectful atmosphere. The hotel’s charm and personality, a contrast to modernity, leaves a lasting positive impression on guests. Many rooms offer picturesque views, such as the cathedral, enhancing the overall experience. A delicious breakfast, including a variety of options, is served with a morning view of the lake. The front desk staff are incredibly helpful, providing information about local attractions and transportation options. The hotel’s serene location overlooking the lake and street creates a beautiful and romantic ambiance. Guests have positive experiences dining and enjoying drinks at the Garden Bar and on the hotel steps, adding to the overall enjoyment of their stay.

Nearby Luxury Destinations

  • Villa Olmo – 2.3 km
  • Como Cathedral – 976 m
  • Lake Como – 34.5 km
  • Tempio Voltiano. – 935 m

Best For Luxury Weddings

5. Hotel Villa Flori

4.7 out of 5.0 stars

⚑ Via Per Cernobbio, 12, 22100 Como CO

Hotel Villa Flori, a charming lakeside hotel situated in Como, Italy, offering a peaceful retreat for guests.

Hotel Villa Flori, a refined lakefront establishment, boasts a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Rating and a Five-Star Rating, underscoring its commitment to luxury and excellence. The hotel, recognized as the Best Luxury Hotel 2023 – Lake Como by LUXlife Magazine, offers 52 elegantly appointed rooms featuring parquet floors and marble accents. Guests can indulge in the sophisticated restaurant and cocktail lounge, or unwind in the charming attic spa and fitness room. The 19th-century villa provides exquisite lake views, enhancing the overall luxurious experience.

Why should you stay at Hotel Villa Flori?

Hotel Villa Flori is renowned for its impeccable wedding hosting, with seamless coordination and meticulously planned events. The warm and gracious welcome from the staff ensures a comfortable and memorable stay. The hotel’s picturesque surroundings and stunning lake views provide a perfect backdrop for relaxation. Antonella, a standout team member, showcases exceptional attention to detail, ensuring smooth execution of all tasks. The luxurious and comfortable rooms offer stunning views and pamper guests. The daily breakfast, featuring fantastic service and breathtaking views, is a highlight for guests. The staff’s enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile create an atmosphere of happiness, with guest needs met promptly and professionally.

Nearby Luxury Destinations

  • Como Cathedral – 4.1 km
  • Villa Olmo – 869 m
  • Como-Brunate Funicular – 10.8 km
  • Piazza Cavour. – 629 km

Best For Lake Como Views

6. Hotel Barchetta Excelsior

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

⚑ Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 1, 22100 Como CO

Hotel Barchetta Excelsior, a stylish hotel located in the heart of Como, Italy, offering a perfect blend of comfort and luxury.

Hotel Barchetta Excelsior, a member of the esteemed Villa d’Este Hotels, is an epitome of luxury and elegance with its upscale, contemporary design. Nestled in an exclusive location near the breathtaking Lake Como, the hotel boasts 84 rooms, each offering a stunning view of the lake. The hotel is renowned for its fine Italian cuisine, providing a gastronomic experience that complements the luxurious ambiance. With its exquisite offerings and prime location, Hotel Barchetta Excelsior truly embodies the essence of Italian luxury.

Why should you stay at Hotel Barchetta Excelsior?

Hotel Barchetta Excelsior is known for its impeccable cleanliness, with guests praising the spotless condition of rooms and fresh bed linen. The hotel offers stunning views of Lake Como, particularly from the lake view rooms. The staff, including receptionist Nives, are warm, welcoming, and go above and beyond to assist guests. The breakfast buffet is diverse, offering a range of options from eggs and bacon to continental meats. The hotel provides great value for money, especially considering its prime location in Como. The convenient location allows easy access to local attractions, making it a preferred choice for travelers.

Nearby Luxury Destinations

  • Como Cathedral – 481 m
  • Villa Olmo – 2.2 km
  • Tempio Voltiano – 879 m
  • Funicolare Como – 8.6 km

Best For Lakefront Luxury

7. Albergo Terminus

4.8 out of 5.0 stars

⚑ Lungo Lario Trieste, 14, 22100 Como CO

Albergo Terminus, a traditional hotel located in Como, Italy, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Albergo Terminus is an upscale, historic hotel boasting a fabulous lakefront position. With 50 polished rooms and suites, it offers grandeur and elegance in every corner. The hotel features grand lounges that exude a sense of history and sophistication. Its restaurant not only serves exquisite cuisine but also offers breathtaking lake views, enhancing the dining experience. The splendid terrace is another highlight, providing a panoramic view of the lake, making it a perfect spot for relaxation. The Albergo Terminus truly embodies luxury in every aspect of its service and facilities.

Why should you stay at Albergo Terminus?

Albergo Terminus is renowned for its exceptionally helpful staff, who are praised for their local knowledge and kindness. The hotel offers breathtaking views of Lake Como, enhancing the allure of its location. Guests can expect comfortable, clean, and well-maintained rooms, ensuring a pleasant stay. The hotel’s breakfast is highly rated, offering a delicious meal with stunning lake views. The dining experience at the hotel’s restaurant is outstanding, with excellent food, cocktails, and ambiance, complemented by attentive and well-trained staff. Located centrally in Como, the hotel provides easy access to nearby attractions and restaurants. Albergo Terminus is committed to service excellence, from quick room preparations to accommodating guest needs, contributing to a memorable stay.

Nearby Luxury Destinations

  • Albergo Terminus
  • Villa Olmo
  • Lake Como Boat Tours
  • Via Vittorio Emanuele Shopping
  • Aero Club Como

Why should you stay at a luxury hotel in Como?

Staying at a luxury hotel in Como, particularly Lake Como, offers a unique experience due to their top-quality services, highest comfort, and unique locations. One of the most luxurious hotels, Passalacqua, is known for providing a relaxing and over-the-top family getaway. These hotels are designed for the ultimate comfort of their guests, with highly customized services and facilities. Additionally, they are set in the beautiful landscape of Lake Como, offering a variety of water-related activities and delicious Italian cuisine. For instance, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is well-regarded for its attentive, personable service and lavish Italian breakfast. Therefore, staying at a luxury hotel in Como provides a memorable and comfortable experience amidst a stunning environment.

Which luxury hotels are 5-star in Lake Como?

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a 5-star luxury hotel in Lake Como. It is renowned for its opulence and is one of the oldest and grandest resorts in the area. The hotel is a favorite among celebrities, including Jon Bon Jovi, and is known for its Belle Époque palace with a swimming pool inside the lake. It is consistently rated among the best luxury hotels in Lake Como by various travel and booking sites.

Where can I find luxury family-friendly hotels in Como?

You can find luxury family-friendly hotels in Como, Italy such as the Grand Hotel Tremezzo which offers 89 rooms. Other options include the Villa d’Este in Cernobbio with 152 rooms, and the Hotel Du Lac. For a more private and secluded experience, the Villa Pliniana, a 16th-century Italian Palazzo, spans 18 acres of waterfront property. These hotels are known for their kid-friendly amenities and luxury services, ensuring a comfortable stay for the whole family.

Are there luxury hotels in Como that are dog-friendly?

Yes, there are several luxury hotels in Como, Italy that are dog-friendly. One of the top-rated options is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. This hotel is not only known for its luxurious accommodations but also for its welcoming attitude towards pets. It’s important to note that while dogs are generally welcome in Como, it’s always a good idea to check specific hotel policies and any potential additional fees for bringing your pet.

Which luxury hotels near Lake Como offer a jacuzzi?

The Mandarin Oriental Lago Di Como Hotel, a 5-star luxury hotel located near Lake Como, offers a wellness area that includes a Finnish spa and a hot tub. This hotel is known for its indulging stay and is one of the top choices for travelers seeking luxury accommodations with private hot tubs.

What are the best luxury hotels in Como with a lake view?

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is often recommended as one of the best luxury hotels in Como with a lake view. This elegant hotel, located right on the water’s edge, offers stunning views across to Bellagio. With 89 rooms, it is renowned for its supreme elegance and is a favorite among celebrities. The hotel’s location in the heart of Lake Como provides a backdrop of the Grigne mountains, adding to its appeal.

Do luxury hotels near Como San Giovanni station exist?

Yes, luxury hotels do exist near Como San Giovanni station. One such hotel is the Vista Palazzo Small Luxury Hotel, which has been mentioned in reviews on Expedia. Other popular options include the Palace Hotel Lake Como and the Grand Hotel Imperiale. These hotels offer a range of amenities and are conveniently located near the station, providing easy access for travelers.

Are there luxury hotels in Como that are currently for sale?

Yes, there are luxury hotels currently for sale in Como, Italy. For instance, a beautiful boutique hotel in Lake Como is on the market for 2.2 million euros, as of January 3, 2023. Another notable property is a four-star deluxe hotel with 94 keys and panoramic views of Lake Como, which was listed for sale on October 24, 2022. There’s also a significant 4-star superior hotel with 100 rooms located in the province of Como. These properties offer excellent facilities and stunning views, making them attractive investment opportunities.

Which part of Lake Como is the best?

The best part of Lake Como is often considered to be the mid-lake area, particularly the towns of Varenna, Bellagio, and Menaggio. These towns are renowned for their beauty and are well-connected by ferry, making them easily accessible for visitors. Among these, Bellagio is frequently highlighted as the top pick due to its charm, abundance of hotels and restaurants, and its reputation as a luxury location. It’s also a great base for sightseeing and exploring the other towns around Lake Como.

How many days in Como is enough?

A visit to Lake Como in Italy can be enjoyed in a variety of time frames depending on your schedule and interests. A good starting point is 3-4 days, which allows you to experience the small towns and villages around the lake. However, if you’re short on time, a day trip from Milan is also possible. Some believe that 2 days can be sufficient for most itineraries, while others suggest that a minimum of 3 days or a long weekend is needed to see Lake Como properly. If you’re planning to explore the lake and its surroundings thoroughly, a longer stay of a week or more is recommended.

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