About Us

Our approach at LuxuryTravelBoost.com, in the dynamic field of luxury travel and lifestyle, is directed by five key mission statements, informing our content and audience engagement strategies.

  1. Inspiring Exploration: “We want to inspire global travellers by showcasing the world’s luxurious destinations. We aim to stimulate curiosity and foster a sense of adventure by providing engaging and vivid content about unique travel experiences.”
  2. Promoting Sustainable Luxury Travel: “We are dedicated to promoting sustainable luxury travel. We strive to present options that not only provide lavish experiences but also contribute positively to local communities and protect the natural environment.”
  3. Cultivating a Global Community: “We aim to cultivate a community of like-minded luxury travelers, creating a platform where they can share experiences, exchange travel tips, and find inspiration for their next adventure.”
  4. Delivering Quality and Reliable Information: “Our mission is to provide our readers with reliable, accurate, and timely information. We meticulously research and verify every detail to ensure our audience receives the most trustworthy and comprehensive luxury travel advice.”
  5. Enhancing Travel Experiences: “We are committed to enhancing our readers’ travel experiences by spotlighting the hidden gems of luxury travel. We strive to uncover the less-traveled paths and exclusive experiences that will make our readers’ journeys truly unforgettable.”

Our Team




Inspired by an unwavering love for travel and armed with an entrepreneurial spirit that offers him the freedom to traverse the globe while managing his own business, Ken has always been drawn to the exciting world of travel. This has driven him to channel his passion into creating an engaging digital platform, LuxuryTravelBoost.com.

Living in San Diego for over two years and regular travels to many parts of the world, especially Japan and the US, have further enriched his perspective on different cultures and deeply impacted Ken for building this website.

Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Honolulu are among Ken’s favorite cities, each offering a unique blend of experiences and insights that he infuses into his content at LuxuryTravelBoost.com.

Ken’s mission is to build a platform where travel enthusiasts can explore, discover, and share their experiences with luxury hotels and lifestyle. He wants this community to be your reliable companion for your travel journey, providing insightful commentary with a friendly, engaging touch.



Research and Content Creator

Bank serves as our esteemed Researcher and Content Creator at LuxuryTravelBoost.com. Specializing in crafting compelling narratives about luxurious travel and lifestyle, Bank seamlessly intertwines his love for the great outdoors, be it the majesty of mountains or the serenity of the sea, into his content.

Bank’s ability to research is nothing short of impressive. He tirelessly delves into every subject, uncovering lesser-known facts and hidden gems, allowing our readers to discover the world of luxury travel through a fresh, enriched perspective. His meticulous approach to detail, paired with his insatiable passion for exploration, ensures that every piece of content he produces is both authentic and engaging.

Notably, his works reflect a perfect blend of factual accuracy and creative flair, as he expertly navigates the fine line between informative and inspirational writing. This balanced approach has made him an invaluable asset to LuxuryTravelBoost.com and a favourite among our readership.

When not immersed in his work, Bank is often found reveling in the tranquil beauty of nature. He’s particularly drawn to serene landscapes, from the idyllic seascapes of Krabi and Phuket to the towering peaks of Chiangmai. This personal passion not only provides a well of inspiration for his work but also allows him to deliver content from a place of genuine interest and experience.